Lyrics : Ancient Knowledge

Goyo coming through with that ancient knowledge
I’m holy as the motherf**king tree of olives
f**k a 9-5 f**k managers and bosses
I’m in the goyo Factory mixing up the sauces
Get that pu**y wet man it’s dripping like a faucet
Show some disrespect and I’ll diss you with my phonics
All my Partnas gonna ride most my homies solid
When I make an m mom will tell you that she saw it
To be honest dog should of never went to college
Instead of study bullsh*t I shoulda stacked my wallet
Once the ball get rolling ain’t nobody gonna stop it
Few Colombian hows popped it when they heard Walkman

Uhh they was feeling my rhymes
I thinks it’s fair if I hit it one time
Papi g is in the cut so ahead of time

Por mi no se preocupen ustedes ahi van
Mis rimas picarán como puto alacrán
El que no alcanza nunca ganara
Desde el pais de las bananas
Sabiduría sana saltando entre países
Como una hijueputa rana ayy

Mira yo le doy con ganas
Man they always be like