Lyrics : Ghost

Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost don't pose and I don't post
Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost

Pickin' me a winner
Picky hair an' I was a little bit thinner
3310 with a customized ringer
I was tryna holla at Lavinia but she weren't ina
'Cos I was a sinner, thought I was a minger
Never had a Bimmer
Rollin' through the ends on a stolen Aprillia
Waiting for the Dominos guy to deliver for a free dinner
Thought I knew it all I was just a beginner, never was a singer
I was on pirate radio way before I heard Mike Skinner
Wagwan killer, yeah, that's my n***a
Talk about race but its just way bigger
I ain't gonna waste no time on Twitter
Done with the jibba, cry me a river
Say it to my face or say it to my trigger
You go figure, or reconsider, Indian giver
Lookin' for a chocolate girl with a hint of vanilla
And she can bring a Indian with her
I just want a bosom for a pillow
An' I got a little bit o' skrilla
We can get a boat and we can get a villa
Or we can be on South Beach real n***a liver
All killer, no filler