Lyrics : Pippi Longstockin - Remix

Wait hold up, I'm finna turn this b*t*h up

Menace to society
B*t*hes I got variety
Stevie Wonder?diamonds
Oh?sh*t, they blind?you
We got something in common but?n***as ain't nothin' like me
I be rockin' VVs n***as be insane[?]
Mr. Walk A Lot, Mr. Talk A Lot
You a broke boy
N***as always worried about me acting like my mama n***a
Ay I put money where my mouth is
And I push the foreign
Aye, afford that you can't
B*t*h yo lifestyle borin
I'm a walking lake, n***as talking sh*t
I don't politic I don't smoke but I spark a stick
Shoot my shot Gregg Papavich b*t*h cause I pop a b*t*h
No guitar or heavy metal you can tell the way I'm rockin' it
Extendos like diarrhea, we got a lot of sh*t
You deebo, body bag Doritos, he got chipped
F**k a b*t*h tonight and disappear I condone it
Snatch a b*t*h wig and her purse like she sold it
You broke? This d**k worth a million
Hold it
B*t*h I been poppin' way before these n***as noticed
But for the chain b*t*h I been the coldest
I just bust my neck damn with som' cold
N***as acting hard on the 'Gram I swear it's getting old
Automatic Glock on me I let it blow
You say you getting money like me? Yeah right bro
I been roadrunning n***a I need more hunnids
If it's her and her friend then they both f**king
Bricka on me
That's on God I'ma pull something
N***as be rapping about guns but don't tote none
B*t*h I had to keep a strap before rap
Talking like you with it my n***as'll leave you toe tagged
I'm a bag taker
B*t*h I might take your bag
Hope in the jag and that's a whole wrap

It's the B-A-M Bandit hoe
On Orange Grove with the slammy on
Longstockin, attatch the Billy pole with the pantyhose
In a dugout but now I'm battin' like I'm Sammy Sos
I ain't finna wrestle with n***as I ain't D'Angelos
Ay Longstockin stretch the bag out I got a long wallet
Before I drop the song already had to suck this dome rocking
While they got a two for 1 special
Well I need both rockets
I came from a penny but in Balencies not the phone possies (Ay)
Hold on let me size them up
Had to light the runtz
Ay, drop the Tek inside the Sprite, it like Hawaiian Punch
I'm extra, if I get a n***a hit I'ma buy his tux
God know thats what I look like I promise I ain't tryna stunt
It's the Ruler
I know I'm a problem
2-2-3 shells if I see red and Robin Hood
Venus and Serena, all the diamonds up on my neck
I mud walked through Barneys but in Neimans I dropped a check
Hating a** n***a, faking a** n***a
Always staring at my table a** n***a
Get some money, n***as funny, I pegged him, Al Bundy
I'm riding with antique silverware on the lunch tray
The road, Willie Nelson, you baby boy, Melvin
Up in hell but it's cold tryna hard rock with Elvis
Presley, don't test me, this modified XD
Just let the birds fly, we finna slaughter the messenger
Money on my mind, head tats like a Mexican
My wrist named me the president, n***as ain't pressing
Sh*t sippin' on this mud, lord said it's my destiny
N***as wanna step to me, flu flamm, dead on scene

N***as politicking, they get dropped for Twitter mentions
Dropping shells on his block and hit his mom and see the witness
Droppin Wok in pop, when I bop I take prescriptions
Hear the rubber band pop on my knots, I just hit a lick
Stop it with the scheming, Stinkies have you screaming in a ditch
Knock a n***a's dreads off for talking like a b*t*h
Heavy metal, rock and roll, I might knock at the moshpit
In a mansion backyard feeling like a locksmith
I'm robbing, I'm 'bout more green than a goblin
If I go broke, sh*t I'm serving my b*t*h tonsils
Clown a** n***as remind me of Willy Wonka
Drakeo got the Draco, 'bout to get rid of the politics, gang
Stinc Team, it's the flu flamm bleed team
Ding dong ditch, nobody's home, we finna bleed the scene
Door knock, it's the front door, stove popper
Climb through your window like the Grinch, f**k your Christmas
Flu flamming, snatching presents off your wishlist
Got n***as mad, all in they feelings, having b*t*h fits
Pouring up fours, got they hoes tryna lick d**k
Please don't run up on me or we gon' flip sh*t
Moncler coat 'cause it get cold in the winter
N***as ain't getting no dough, they pretending
Bust down, bust down, I know you see my neck froze
B*t*h come f**k with a P, we can get dough, the Plug

Longstocking, Longstocking
Pippi Longstocking n***a
Longstocking, Longstocking
Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Longstocking
Longstocking, Pippi Longstocking
N***a Longstocking

I'ma air this b*t*h out. They be talking like, n***a they be talking like they want that n***a, like n***a I talk like n***a. N***a talk like stand on the ropes like they goin' Hulk Hogan n***a. Pippi Longstocking, hanging out, showboating n***a. Yeah, all that. N***as want to jack the lingo and all that, you gotta switch it up. You know, shanaynay, Pippi Longstocking, and all that. N***a just knocked down Golaith and whoever. Debo, n***a just knocked down Brad, n***a all that n***a. N***a you heard what I said? Boy keep a chopstick and all that for bullies nicknamed Brad and all that n***a. F**k you thought you was Suge or something n***a? N***a, any n***a I talk to they'll be like n***a
Pippi Longstocking
I had to shut the show down, b*t*h