Lyrics : I Can’t Freestyle

(I can't)
Take a loss, b*t*h
That's something I can't
Take a loss, b*t*h
That's something I can't
That's something I can't
That's something I can't

Take a loss, b*t*h
That's something I can't
I can't f**k with a b*t*h if that b*t*h pu**y stank
No, b*t*h
You can't hit my weed or my drank
You a bird-a** [?] so I know you gon' sink
N***as say they want beef
You don't really want beef
Boy, you always on the gram but you never in the streets
Never give a b*t*h a penny, never give a b*t*h a dollar
If she trippin' on the locc I tell that b*t*h skeet skeet

Girl, your n***a was a pu**y up in jail PC
All that flexin' that you doin', you a LIC
B*t*h, I don't love you but I know you love me
B*t*h, I'm married to the money, you ain't gettin' in between
She like the way that I talk when I be off that lean
I like the way that she look when she hop out them jeans
You know sh*t 'bouta go up when I pull up to the scene
What you mean?
Servin' white to them fiends, Charlie Sheen
Bravo goin' crazy, b*t*h this off the top
B*t*h, I ain't tryna talk
I'm just tryna get some top
If it ain't 'bout the money then it ain't even a plot
You a dumb-a** broke boy, fell in love with a thot
N***as know to back up
Cause I'm really piped up
And he actin' real big but that forty size up
All these b*t*hes tryna f**k
Cause a youngin' blowin' up
But when I was down bad they was tryna see me stuck

Everybody quick to lane switch
Everybody know Bravo, I can't have a lame b*t*h
And you say you want smoke
Aight, say less
And it's still free BLE$ on the set, on the set