Lyrics : Get Money Freestyle

Aye, b*t*h
Still Break In
B*t*h, I'm bag chasin'

If I know one thing, b*t*h, it's how to?get?money
You a broke?a** b*t*h, better stay the f**k?from me
Aye, I keep a Glock by my tummy
B*t*h you can't tell me nothin'
B*t*h, same n***a that I used to be
Just a lil' more money, you ain't used to it
I do it on my own, I don't need no help
N***as saying that they real, wearing fake belts
(Damn) It's a shame
Thought you was sliding but you ain't gang gang
How you gon' switch? Taught you to maintain
Aye, but f**k all that bullsh*t, still free the chain gang

Ouu, b*t*h I'm off my bullsh*t
Long as I got two hands, I'ma tote two sticks
Lil' n***a he an all out square, he a Rubix
And I don't even really like talking, I like to shoot sh*t
All I know is money out there and I'ma go get that
I don't like f**king b*t*hes, I like to break back
It cost to be a boss, b*t*h, I had to pay that
B*t*h, I had to pay that
Last n***as tried to run up, didn't go well, oh well
I don't bail, gotta make some more sale
N***as say they out here trappin' but got no scale
I don't trust my b*t*h but I trust my dope scale
Look, and I'm just being honest
I done ran it up, I ain't go to college
I ain't on the court but, b*t*h, I'm ballin'
And I ain't Future, b*t*h, but I can hear the perky's callin'
Hol' up
B*t*h I'm not done
She said I'm the only one, b*t*h, I'm not dumb
When it comes to the money, all you n***as got none
Say you want smoke but you really want none
All type of blowers lil' b*t*h we stalked up
Walked in the club when I'm hella sauced up
You n***as go for fun, I get paid to pop up, aye
I get paid to pop up (aye, aye)