Lyrics : Love Music

Right right
A right right now uh

Verse 1 - Borty

I'ma Bobby Womack Valentino with a black gat
No body eating when I Sam Cooke the Crack
Down in Philadelphia selling Blue Magic
Kiss and say good-bye now it's back to The Manhattans
The lord ain't helping, Temptations felt when
The morning star watch me like a Elgin...(haha)
But I'm Sly with the Family Stone
I Stax Records, The Impressions of My
Muscle Shoals
The Dramatics stay going off The Meter
I'm trying to play God and not listen to The Whispers...
All I did with your chick is made Cameo appearance
She sucked my d**k Griffey then swallowed all The Miracles..
You can call us The Imperials selling Four-Tops of the Peggy Sue
Just trying to make it through
Until I make a Michael Jackson thriller we just wanna to be a Little
Richard, Love Music