Lyrics : Y U So Mad?

Y u so, y u so, y u so mad?
Y u so, y u so, y u so mad?
Y u so, y u so, y u so mad?
Y u so, y u so, y u so mad?

(Verse 1)
What you so, what you so mad for?
Woo wop da bam, like Chancellor
Ooh I got fans, I stand up
Brand new man, I am yeah yuh
Life is so, life is so wavy
I bring the horns in
Sound like the navy
I’m my own Mariah
Imma always be my baby
I been on fire
Someone call the navy
Learnin' how to wear my self love
No I ain’t mad at myself, bruh
Swing batter for your health, yuh
Strike out or belt out a home run
Dodgin' all the opps
Never, never stop
Flow too hot, stove top
I’m not here to roll, I’m here to rock
Millyin' on every block
My body a tsunami, lemme stop yeah