Lyrics : Don’t Do It

Now you gon' make me do it (Don't do it)
b*t*h is gender neutral
Don’t misconstrue it (No don't)
b*t*h is f**king with me just because they goin through it (They are)
Not gon' be the one to stick around
Won’t glue it (Elmers)
Oh man
I guess I’m gon' really have to do it (Don't do it)
b*t*hes think I’m soft, don’t misconstrue it (Don't)
Know they f**kin' with me just because they like my music (They do)
I'll be here for a while (Uh uh uh)
I’m not a fad I'm a movement (Yeah)

(Verse 1)
You gon' always be a baby (Lil baby)
Not mine, no way, b (Too wavy)
You be lookin my way all damn day
f**k, I’m too wavy (Waves)
Too high, too lazy (Ooh)
Don’t know what to say (Huh)
I don’t wanna ruin your day (He does)
You better get the f**k out my way (Hey)
You don’t wanna stay in your place
You can’t tag me, I’m on base
Get a bag, baby, go chase it (Go chase)
Live yo dreams, baby, go make it
You ain’t bout, sh*t you fakin' (Huh)
You so busy hatin'
That’s why you can’t hear me sayin'
I don’t (Don't)
Care (Huh)
I don’t even think this fair (No)
Takin' time, stop and stare
While you actin like you don’t care
Go somewhere (Where you goin)
And leave when you do (Goo goo)
Do not look back
Matter fact block your view
b*t*h I’m through