Lyrics : Ride or Die

I can't be without it
I can’t be without it
I can't be without your love, I can't be without it

Sthandwa sentliziyo yam’
Ndicel ubamb'isandla sami
You can be my ride or die
For you I will ride and die
Sthandwa sentliziyo yam'
Ndicel ubamb'isandla sami
You can be my ride or die
For you I will ride and die

Tell me what you want
Ntombi ng'tshele what you like (What you like)
Tell me how you feel
Ntombi tell me when you fine
Girl I've been around, seen a lot of things
It's how I know, ngding'uthandolwakho
Know you need a man that can do you right
Ntwana ndiyakufuna, don’t you take it light
So how you feel?
We can keep it real
I can give you chills
Know you love the grill