Lyrics : ​nothing but u*

You and me, birds and owls
All these sounds that hold you down
'Til you're home-bound
Right from wrong, I write a song
I knew the lyrics all along
This could be a masterpiece
You know, you know you're my best work

The more that I try, the longer you're gone
The more I start to find the words to fill this empty space
And I will try to love you now, but everyone's in the way
I start to write it down, and I just fill the whole song
With nothing but you, fill the whole song

With nothing but you, nothing but you
Another day, another song about you, mm, mm

Oh, every rhyme, lost track of time
The more I need you, I rewind
And I replay every day
Oh, what to sing and what to say
The radio, I let it play
Every song I hear's the same