Lyrics : Ramses II

sh*t shout out to sky like Warren Moon did it
Blood on the trees, blood on the leaves
Lady day and the meek eating no ford
Why dipper mouth blowing snot
In the e’eryman’s cloth of Jesus
Satched the cleanest since he copped his lace from the priest
In this tree from Jefferson County in the spaghetti roads
The most drip saints marching in
Since Toussaint with the machette
Giving body blows the beast, kept the crackers on a leash
Jesus piece, now come here
Get three-fifths a slice of this Africa cake
Diamonds south of [?] I mean the pu**y of Africa
Matriarchal golden crown, drum on water
Sky walker, I’m like Nina in the jungle with diamonds
I'm a Black Panther knife to the neck of King Leopold
The glamorous life, yeah

Cascading communications of no significance whatsoever
Waves of pleasure, thought you had the best til you taste better
Taste butter, the tail of tape measure touch like a lover
Doormen’s faces blend into one another
Glass panels in the sky, with the sound off
Even when you drive you fly, they rarely touch the Porsche
I never saw it, just sat stage right
The stage perfectly lit, no time for stage fright
The private jet, the landing strip
Every follicle plugged and trimmed
Zero-sum so somebody gots to win
You don’t understand the quiet it bring
Deafening, you can’t hear a thing
Sinking seats, everything got wings
Signal’s weak, sleep in Faraday Cage
Carrying in curve beak, she in the family way

The skin of my teeth, the hem of my pants
Eyes baggy, wire transfer hemorrhaging blood money bags
Under the eyes, gotta crash, display stolen artifacts
Talking ‘bout a bargain, I’ma barter back
Conjure man adapting with the path, forgot the plan
Roll up on a map, I know where I am
Bloodstain on my father’s father’s land
A dirt raise ramps

Never learned how to whistle, still can’t do the moonwalk
I’m running red lights and I hate to have my picture taken
Catch me in the corner not speaking
Doesn’t mean I don’t have much to say
I bet you can’t tell when I’m tweaking
My anxiety don’t look like yours
I just relearned escape, hands on my lady’s waist
Got a sitter, made a date
Where we at is the place of the most high
Who no know gon’ know now, no doubt
We got on like a house on fire
A testimony ain’t nothing but
Being wild and living to tell the story
’19 naughty now, my uncle on a 40-run
Sawed-off on the three-quarter level
n***as never saw it coming
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My appreciation for your participation
Overstanding no such thing as spare change
Blank faces holding space, feeling cramped
Maybe I’m not who I thought I was
Or can be who I said I would
My conjure tongue strong blood
Immaterial to material damn cuz
Make it so, in the image of my most perfect projection
Life is anything but static, supreme mathematics
Repeating numbers, cycles patterns
Summers, winters starting later ending faster
Babel question, chaos answered
Wave reflected all direction