Lyrics : Wolf

Hello to the morning moon
Woke up as you left the room
Pillow still warm
Scent like meadow grass

Has the feeling come to pass?
Has the feeling come to stay?
What can we say
Wishing you would hang around

Living on the waterfront
Witnessing the gameless hunt
Mermaids don't kill
That's the way they sing so fine

Now your lips are on the line
Now there is a broken tongue
Met you so young
Felt so frozen

How you seem to follow through
On everything you yearn for
Steps so fair
So much certainty

Now as far as we can see
The water's getting deeper
My safekeeper
The wolf is howling for me


When she holds me in her jaw
All my blood dripping
Will I be free
To cease gripping?

Finally laying on the ground
Open hands empty
I'll return back again
If she'll let me