Lyrics : Something Got A Hold

(Something) Yea, Young Krizzle, 3rd Coast representer
Right now in the rap game
But, it's cool cause this my movement
And if you don't believe me, then you'll fall for anything
And that's the type of shit that
Cause this industry will get you fucked up, ya dig?
So stay cool and (whatever it is) you wanna do with your live nigga, do it, make sure you can't leave it alone, cause I can't
300 Representer Pimpin'

I always knew that it was (Something) in my heart that got me trippin'
Today like yesterday it ain't no different
The struggle, (gotta hold on me)
And I can't breathe nowadays
I wanna leave nowadays
But lord I'm knowin' that there's (somethin)
In this music and in my soul
The thought I might not blow
The shit just keeps on (bothering me)
And I don't know how long I can keep on like this
I need a sign so (whatever it is)
I'm meant to do, I need to find it
Cause the game is addictive
And I ain't gettin' out it
Cause (I can't leave it alone)
I try it and I try but they keep callin' me back
Yea they Keep callin me back because there's (somethin')
In my music that makes them feel me
The sweetest melody sometimes can heal me cause
(Gotta hold on me) like my grandma's hands
When I was younger, warmer than summer
Then I knew it's (somethin')
That was bigger than the money and the fame
The fact that so many can change
Keeps (botherin' me)
Yo but who am I to judge
It's been a while since I did it for the love
But (whatever it is)
I gotta pay for it
Sometimes happiness the only thing I pray for
(I can't leave it alone)
The will to ask questions like
How can George bush receive blessings
But I'm knowin that there's (something)
Or somethings that I cannot explain
Forget, forgive the change and the pain
(Gotta hold on me)
I gotta gun to keep me safe
Sometimes I drink and smoke to get away
Because it's (something)
That I know ain't right
Pops forgive me but this can't be life
And (it's botherin' me)
Because I wanna do better
But this rain seem to pour forever
So, (whatever it is)
I fiend for it, think of it, speak on it
Wish for it, dream of it, and lord
(I can't leave it alone)
No, I can't leave it alone
And she said there was (something)
That draws her to me and it's meant to be
And you the only one that ever, ever, ever
(Gotta hold on me), yea
But you ain't been the same
There was somethin' that made you change
So tell me it was (somethin') or
Someone that made you feel good
Or way better than I ever could
Truth is (it's botherin' me)
But I'm cool with it
Just know if it's over today that you did it
But (whatever it is)
Don't let it take you to your grave
Protect yourself from aids, I know you want me to
But (I can't leave it alone)
I knew I couldn't turn this house of ours into a home
And I said there's (somethin')
That I've done to make you leave
Baby girl why you trippin' can't you see
That you always (gotta hold on me)
And I don't know what I can say
To make you stay but I know I gotta say
(Something) but now and then I get tired
Of you packin your bags and all this drama is
(Botherin' me) and I don't need it on my mind
Lately you been like this all the time
So (whatever it is) you feelin' guilty bout
Go and spit out while you accusin' me you must be cheatin'
Cause you (can't leave it alone) why you cryin'
See you can't deny it, I always had this feelin' it was (somethin')
That God gave me as a gift, the power to make words fit
I look at the sky, and dream of soarin' just as high
But as time goes by it always (somethin')
That will knock me off my track
Got to get back cause time is short, ay
(Do you feel it)
And I don't know how long I can keep on like this
I need a sign so (whatever it is), I gotta pay for it
Sometimes happiness the only thing I pray for
(I can't leave it alone) the will to do better as a man
I can't struggle forever because of (somethin'...)

It's always something man
It's got a hold on me, heh
Real shit for real niggas
Real shit for real people, you know
It keeps bothering me that people don't wanna hear no real shit no more
But whatever it is, I gotta spit it to get to them, get to they mind
I can't stop cause, I gotta spit this message, cause I'm about something, heh

After years and years of knocking on doors and being turned down, here I am. That's what you call incident, and that's what's also known as sense of discovery, thank God I was the one discovered