Lyrics : Turned Up on You

(Turned up, turned up)
(Turned up, turned up on you)
(Turned up, turned up)
(Turned up, turned up on you)

I'm coming over
I ain't gonna stop 'til I get to you
I'm dreaming of you and how I wanna hold you

Just say the word and I'll be there
You know how much I really care for you
You know that I'm a millionaire
When it comes to loving you

I'm turned up on you
(Turned up, turned up)
Turned up on you
(Turned up, turned up on you)
Now it's up to you
(Turned up, turned up)
'Cause I'm turned up on you
(Turned up on you)

The door is open, the place is clean
I'm getting ready for my beauty queen
To turn up lookin' oh-so fine
Talkin' about you, girl, is blowin' my mind
It's a love thing, it's a beautiful scene
I can see it on the movie screen
Just you and me doing what we do best
Slip out of that, let me do the rest
For now, the moment your lips touch mine
The feeling I get when you're in my arms
Is here, there and everywhere
When you're beside me, girl, I don't care
About anything else 'cause you are my world
You're the nut, I'm the squirrel
You're the love and I'm who fell
I'm your boy, you're my girl