Lyrics : Grams in the Water

Violence and intimidation is why they survived
These guys aren't just like the Sopranos
These are the real Sopranos

Never pour out the pot
There's always more grams in the water
Two hundred fifty pouring at a time
Racks never seen less than a quarter
Gotta let one drop
Make the dope flow, move like water
Every gram three bundles at a time
No fentanyl, that'll get you caught up

Look, it don't make money it don't make sense
I'm still tryna make a play they need my portion of the late rent
I need that Porsche with opaque tint
I'm learning patience
When you force it, then you don't make ends
Make money, never make friends
They'll kill you because money, drug money, give a great chance
That drug money got me tweakin' like I take xans
Reachin' and you getting sprayed on like a fake tan
I'm from the center of a wasteland
All this drug money be having them actin' funny when you shake hands
Your last money had you caged in, now you gotta say amen
The plug fell through like he caved in
I'm bout to whip again (whip whip)
With babies in the water like a christening
My penmanship, get me paid monthly like a membership
I'm in this sh*t, I do this sh*t forever like it's infinite
But you gon need the infantry to show me what the difference is