Lyrics : Bad Ass b*tch (Remix)

Duh-dun, b*tch (Mwah)

Bad ass b*tch, I'ma talk my sh*t (Talk it)
Spent a couple thou' to ice my wrist (Ice, ice)
b*tches runnin' off, my flow too sick (You gone)
Copy the drip 'cause I got the [?] (Copy the drip)
Yeah, I see you watchin' (Ooh, you lookin')
Whatever I'm rockin', I see you coppin' (You copped it)
Them Benjamins flockin' (Flockin')
Runnin' out the door 'cause it ain't an option
Broke b*tches steady hoppin' (You hoppin')
Only f*ckin' wit' you 'cause you is poppin'
Stop tryna keep up, yeah, there ain't no topic
Flexin' that money but that's from her [?]
Hahaha, I'm mockin', yeah
What you gonna do, just walk it off
Hop on Twitter just to talk it out
I pull up on you, you like, "Oh my god
Damn Bali, that's you?" (It is)
My n*ggas guerrillas, I pull up wit' zoos (Goodbye)
I don't pity a fool (I can't)
Don't reach for the chain, you might catch the flu (Achoo)
Ooh, ooh, check out my pockets, yeah, they full of blues
Ooh, uh, these b*tches is bears, they singin' the blues
I am a horse, you is a mule (You is a mule)
So carry my food (Carry that), mm
Boss b*tch, I'm the head of this sh*t, I'ma take you to school (Take you to-)
I got my dog, I think I might walk it
Talk it just like I back it up and pop it
He got a [?], his neck [?] (I love it)
Bali Baby, trending topic (It's me)
I got a [?] 'cause I'm frozen, don't watch it
All on my di*k 'cause I'm postin' a hot pic (Hoe)
They can't stand when I'm rappin' my mosh (Don't care)
Hop on the stage and they makin' a mosh pit (Jump)
"Bali Baby, I'm your biggest fan
I got all your music, I'm your biggest stan" (I love you)
I'm rockin' out, I don't got a band
She keepin' it up like she Dirty Dan
You f*ckin' her raw, you a dirty man (Dirty)
Slimy n*ggas wit' a dirty hand (Dirty)
Look in my purse, that's thirty bands (Thirty)
I know that hurt 'cause I heard you ran (You gone)

I heard you ran, you gone (Aha)
I heard you ran, you gone, b*tch