Lyrics : On a B!tch

(Goddamnit, Dupri)
Wait, hol' up, I'm finna turn this b*t*h up, ayy

I'm in the booth countin' hundreds on a b*t*h (Countin' hundreds on a b*t*h)
You at the crib with your cousins and sh*t (With your cousins and sh*t)
Wrong move, don't get stomped in this b*t*h, ayy (Don't get stomped in this b*t*h)
A-Town, get it crunk in this b*t*h (Bop)
You love a n***a, give me love in this b*t*h (Give me love in this b*t*h)
You know I f**ked, don't be frontin' and sh*t (Don't be frontin' and sh*t)
'Cause I'll take a n***a lunch in this b*t*h, ayy
Big ballin', I'll dunk on a b*t*h, on a b*t*h
Ayy, I go dumb
Ruth Chris, rubbin' my belly like I was Big Pun
Big gun, shoot in her belly, call that a new son, doofus
b*t*hes get exposed for havin' loose lips

Ayy, two seater, in a coupe on a b*t*h (In a coupe)
Double back, got a loop on a b*t*h (Got a loop)
Smart mouth, get rude on a b*t*h (I get rude)
Get money, go Jew on a b*t*h, on a b*t*h (Ayy)
On a b*t*h (On a b*t*h)
On a b*t*h (On a b*t*h)
On a b*t*h (I'm on a b*t*h)
On a b*t*h (On a b*t*h)
On a b*t*h (On that b*t*h)
On a b*t*h (Ayy)
On a b*t*h, ayy