Lyrics : Rite now!

(Intro : Autumn)
( Yah, Yah, Yah, Yah, Yah, Yah, Yah, Yah)

(Verse 1)
Got them racks on me right now
Got them racks on me right now
Got the bag on me right now
Got a bag on me right now
Throw the cash on me right now
Gotcha b*t*h on me right now
And she tryna f**k on me right now
Told her come to the (?) right now
I'm smokin’ on tree tree tree right now
Hop in the three fifty right now
n***a talkin' sh*t right now
Finna meet me with this SMG right now
Turn a big bad wolf finna blow a n***a down
I'm in the H kickin’ sh*t right now
If you want smoke, you know we can meet
Leave his body where it cannot be found
I'm too top tier, i'm too elite
She ain't tryna f**k, then she gotta leave
And i'm so high, just like a leaf
I'm starting to think that my pockets got beef
Cuz I count the blue, and I count the green
sh*t like crips vs grove street
I'm in my bag, like some groceries
Say you countin' cash, boy oh please
Skinny n***a but my pockets obese
Beggin’ for new music to release
Say he better than me, boy i’m deceased
Keep talkin' down, get you deceased
Solders with me, and they never at ease
And yeah they gon’ shoot, just not at the knees
She love my tats, yeah she love the beast
She know i'm the n***a that they wanna be