Lyrics : Such a Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky
My stars are aligning and I swear that I
Could do anything
On such a beautiful day

It really is, it's such a beautiful day

And like a baby bird comin' out of my cage
My life's an open book, I'm gonna write a new page
And I know that I'm mixing my metaphors
But you can probably get the main gist of what I'm trying to say

She mixed her metaphors but we know what she's sayin'

I don't remember ever feeling so optimistic
I'll admit it just a little uncharacteristic
'Cause I know that I've been known to be antagonistic
But I don't even think I'm gonna go ballistic
As long as my brothers don't...

Build some big enormous thing
That makes me go "no way!"
But disappears before my mother gets home
Like when they built a giant rollercoaster...