Lyrics : Vacuum

I just, I just wanna
I just wanna read something out to you
Dame un segundo, que les voy a leer algo
Un segundo, voy, voy, voy
Espérate, espérate
Aquí está, mutant manifesto:
To scan the horizon of the unconscious
To soften the focus of ego so as to allow light in
To shift in the face of a threshold, to transmute
To push against any rigid state of self
To hope into a focused point, a beam, a vector
To penetrate the boundary between the lucid and all dreamstate
Diva Experimental FM
To apply one’s own will and carve out space within the psyche so that softness can be found
Diva Experimental FM
Perceive experience of feeling alive, at any given moment
In virtue of fear and the entanglement of spirit flesh
A semi-permeable matrix in a slow dance
A morphing across spacetime, recognition of the Alien inside
The curious encouraged by beauty as a form of sentience
The ideal alchemy of the abject into love