Lyrics : Anilyst - My Flow Mixed With (DaBaby)


I am a guru the way light my candles nightly you would think I like to do voodoo/
I am a guru I cannot argue with you thats like picking a fight with a poodle/
Psilocybin got me feeling like I’m on an island somewhere off in Honolulu/
If its a problem I’ll pop at your noggin till I turn your top into ramen noodles/


Baby don’t f**k with no snitches/
Why you all up in my business?/
I ain’t got love for these b*t*hes/
I'm pulling up in a tinted, my people salute me cause I'm the lieutenant/
An I'm just so gifted like Christmas/
I got yo b*t*h on my hit list/
Shorty look thick an delicious/
She suck my d**k till I finish/
I'm all in her lips like the kid was a dentist/ 
But first I'ma slide in her DM/ 
Let her know I ride in a BM/
Shorty out of five you a ten/
Tell yo man he gon’ die when I see him/ 
Put him to sleep like I'm Tylenol PM/ 
So damn hot with the pen/ 
Sharp as a f**king chainsaw chopping your limbs/  
Opposite of anybody tryna follow a trend/
Popular but I’ve been thinking about a marketing plan/
A rebel and a stoner you could tell just by the smell of my aroma/ plus I'm faded cause I only drink coronas/ while I'm rollin in my ’98 Corolla/ ghetto cause I came from Fresno California/ where we hesitate to ever take an order/ where them killers hang on every single corner/ where they whipping up a gang of baking soda/
Heard that you’re mad at me, I’m finna hurt your anatomy/ murk you then murder your family/ casually burn you like calories/ actually I’m on the verge of insanity/ 
I think my head is just lacking reality/ 
I’ll keep attacking your ass like an allergy/ tell me hows that for a rapping analogy battle me I’ll turn you cats into casualties