Lyrics : Happiness In Liquid Form

Always acting strange
When I'm 'round you, going 'round you
Thinking it's time to go
I don't know though
Do you know?
I need you for the most
You're a ghost, first to blink
Why am I still here?
When you threw me down the sink?

Happiness in liquid form
I'm drinking it down
I just wanna drown
I know I can't be happiness in liquid form
But neither can you
So what should we do?
I know I can't be

Happiness in liquid form
Happiness in liquid form

Hang me on my word
Hear me talking, I miss talking
I watch you, making waves
Cowabunga, I feel younger
Good times in the shade
I feel crazy, I can't think
Why am I still here
When you threw me down the sink?