Lyrics : Now (It’s Just the Gas)

Now, do it now
While he's gassing himself to a palpable stupor
The timing's ideal and the moment is super
To ready and fire and blow the sick b*st*rd away


Now, do it now
Just a flicker of pressure right here on the trigger
And Audrey won't have to put up with that pig for another day


Now, for the girl
Now, for the plant
Now, yes I will!


But I can't

Aha-ahahaha-hahahahaha! Oh, boy, Seymour! I am flyin' now! Ahuhuh, ahuhuh! Oh, the things we're gonna do to your mouth! Ahahaha! Well, I guess I've had about enough of this stuff. I'll just take the mask off now and... hey, Seymour, guess what?


It's stuck


Ahahaha! The mask is stuck! I-I can't get it off! Jesus Christ, I could asphyxiate in here... ahahahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha! Hey, Seymour, gimme a hand, will ya?


Well? He says "Well"? Ahuhuh, uh, Seymour? I don't think you understand

Don't be fooled if I should giggle like a sappy, happy dope
It's just the gas! Ahahahaha!
It's got me high
But don't let that fact deceive you
Any moment I could die
Though I giggle and I chortle
Bear in mind I'm not immortal
Why this whole thing strikes me funny I don't know
'Cause it really is a rotten way to go!

What we have here is an ethical dilemma
'Less I help him get the mask off then he doesn't have a prayer
True, the gun was never fired
But the way he should expire
I can finish him with simple laissez-faire

What we have here is a tricky mortal problem (God! Dear God!)
Do I help remove the mask or let him go from lack of air?
Couldn't shoot him when I tried (Help me now!)
With a [???] on my side
I can off the guy by staying in the chair

Don't be fooled if I should chuckle like hyenas in a zoo
It's just the gas! Ahahahaha!
It turns me on!
But don't let my mirth deceive you
Any moment I'll be gone
All my vital signs are failing
'Cause the oxide I'm inhaling makes it difficult as Hell to catch my breath
Are you dumb?! Or hard of hearing?
Or relieved my end is nearing?
Are you satisfied!?
I laughed myself to...

(ORIN suffocates)