Lyrics : 97 Freestyle

Success, guys, is a very very lonely road, man
Very few people are willing to endure the pain of sacrifice and diligence. To be successful is an up-hill battle and on that road you're not gonna see too many friends. You gonna see your shadow most often. You gonna trust in the heart of hearts. Inside what you're doing what you believe in, is a worthy cause, it's a winnable fight. The journey is not easy, before you start that journey, mentally, you must fuel yourself with the right reasons, the right fuel to sustain the entire journey. Everyone's hot off the start, but after a month or so into it, a couple of weeks into it, the ware and tear and glides sets. They hit you, you start loosing focus on the horizon, do you not? You are caught up in the daily hiccups, the ups and downs the ware and tear. And you focus on the speed bumps [?] and loosing sight of this true purpose. When you loose sight of purpose, you give too much value on what the pain is today

Yo, nine seven
I'm past the phase of trying to impress b*tches with rap lyrics
In this rap business they ass-kissing, they past fiends
But I ain't quiting, I'm putting digits and mad figures
I'm winning, they tripping, they start to claim that I act different
I'm no actor, n*gga
Your act is acting like actresses, I'm just trying to get it
You should reckon, I'm cash driven
I'm top five on that rap list
Above every n*gga I'm there with
This is practice, watch me kill your verse with just an ad-lib
Rhaaa! This ain't related, but I'm active
Youngest in the game, your idol's about to be a has-been
The type of rapper that you see and ask "Yo, what happened?"
Reece makes classic [?]
Definite that if you feature Reece
You wack joint is about to be a smash hit
Gifted, blessed, I'm the king, f*ck the rest
I ain't here to half-step
Put me up against the best, the game is full of methodology
I give my fans pure honesty
You beefing? I guarantee no apology
Keep a small circle, f*ck a shape like an isosceles
Yo, b*tches follow me, for real, b*tches follow
Yo, b*tches are turning, she's behind me like a soccer tee shirt
Play my position like I ought to be
Lies cutting through your chest, cutting your arteries
I'm that nice, diabolical none the less
These n*ggas doing it for the articles and the f*cking press
I'm f*cking depressed
Haba rap-e, they snap chatting
And why the f*ck is Nadia Nakai rapping?