Lyrics : Jealousy

Lyrics from Snippet

Yoz, what you telling me
Its Joe From YO

You told me say never say never
And then you told me you never get me set up
But love was a set up already
Should of said I love you to a Bentley
My lil n***a didn't even graduate
Can't even [?] already
f**k it at least they know better
Any n***a will tell em go tell em
And i just seen n***as tell on their brothers
And them n***as was there for there for you when they were struggling
I just seen n***as stuck on their b*t*hes will kiss and hug them right after she sucking d**k
And you better watch for n***as that watching your money watch who you get money with
And don't you go compete with your own gang
And don't be on no funny sh*t
n***as want to tell on a whole gang, because they were jealous oh jealous
I was addicted to Balmains, I did every Amiri Denim
I'm not a regular person, i do every Margeillas
She saw me in a moshpit, i f**k it up like its Coachella