Lyrics : Bad Blood 3

On top of the world
I can’t hear you from here
Bad blood coursing I know no fear
Pains my existence
Hate be the drive, full auto
f**k all the resistance
I will reap what’s been sewn
Destroy destroy
I don’t do what I’m told
Destroya x 3

You can die...
Maybe its ok
We can die...
Maybe its ok
He can die...
Maybe its ok...
She can die
We can die
Its all ok...

Baby girl in my right hand Glock in my left (pop pop) [scythe]
I ain't goin out at night less I’m wearing my vest (on god)
Got dogs at the ready, attitude petty (oh oh)
Kill em all dead like it’s Five nights at Freddy (
Combat ready Couldn’t give a f**k less
Blood bath scene what I’m craving, Wes
I wanna end you all right motherf**kin now
The Juni Taizon here will determine how