Lyrics : STAR

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
(Mayo on the beat)

I want the money and the houses gimme all the fame
I wanna walk into my city hear fans scream my name
I wanna win awards toying rappers like game
Top of the chain promise that I?ll keep you in your lane
But dreams and some visions gonna come with lot of pain
I got a girl who gon? love me so I?m not ashamed
Ramos blood deep, my family in my veins
Dezirae?s hubby our love make y?all jealous everyday, yeah
Won?t stop till my words are read like Bible
You doubt me you don?t know me, that?s your fault you lost an idol
Hobbs rappers we the come up, ain?t no stop us see the t**le
To the ones that hate wanna be brothers and now we rivals
I swear I?m just gonna keep coming like a cycle
Look in the mirror, what you see? Man I see a Star
Want these houses in the hills with some foreign cars
I drop these bars and my people feel it like message
I hear the applause and the cheering like an entourage
Gimme time promise there be Grammys on my name
I?ll have awards for best author and I?ll change the game
Ridin? pa** all these lames tryna merge into my lane
Got no time for you mayne and that bogus stuff you claim
I?m the chosen one, a Gekyume we are not the same
On a killstreak like X, you don?t work you just expect
I believe and manifest, positivity lead success
Y?all talk bullets with some vest, raps simple no complex
I am working to be the best, refuse to blend with the rest
Make a name for myself and get my momma out this stress
I?ll lead with love over guns, I inspire to be the one
Change the world while having fun, by the way I just began
And you know that ba** hit, 808 we be jamming
All these rappers they can?t stand me cause I?m preaching being happy
Why you laughing, stop the drug talk we know you cappin? yeah
But look I?m just a different breed, icy like I?m ski?
Cold like the pole but I?m only sixteen
These rhymes got you capped and twisted break ya? knees
Gotta do me even if you try copying, Jordyn I?m a young prodigy, yeah

Wanna fly to the stars, they said who you think you are
Want these stars in my roof, they said I don?t have a clue
But I still keep good energy in everything I do

By the way this was just for fun, just something you can vibe out to