Lyrics : MURDER

Running for you, all for you, I didn?t know
Saw you there, what have I done
Look?at?my, my hands?filled with blood
What have you, made?me do
I?m a fool, for...

After all this time, you still?got?me?going crazy
You said?I love you,?oh now I?ve been missed lately
Forget you, and I hope you please burn in hell, I hope you burn in hell
I hope you never prevail, I?m going to the top
Look at me now, you see these diamonds on my wrist
You see it?s shiny now
Check my stats, six figures behind that whoa
I?m at the top, doing things you will never know
I?m doing good, now I bet you wish you had me now
I?m living life, and I?m still running the same damn town
Doing good, and you see me packing up the past
Forget you, and I hope you kiss my big white a**
Forget you, and just know that I moved on
Now I?m doing good, but you did so wrong
It?s not fully done
Still remember when, I cut my wrist

For you
I?m done with this trick
Stupid piece of
For you
Stupid mother
I got my knife, and I?m coming
Said I'm coming
Said I'm coming
I got my knife, and I'm coming
For you, for you, for you (and I'm coming)