Lyrics : Let Go

My best friends hurting
My brain isn?t working
The stress is pressing down
Just wanna leave this town
Yeah it?s kinda stupid
I?m kinda getting used to it
Your daily complaints
Bro, are you okay?

The world is turning, my heart is burning, I guess this is learning
I?m just tired of being spit up in the face, itching like these plaques
Plotting my escape don?t know what to say
Building up this rage, free me from my pain, help me escape this cage
Just wanna be saved, it?s all losing pace
Balancing my right and wrongs tryna figure where I went wrong
Why won?t mom and dad get along
Help what?s going on

Your Broken heart
You?re Falling apart
Can?t stand to see you this way
But your still wondering why she didn?t stay
Why does it matter?
I see your hearts been shattered
But she?s already gone
So it?s time to move on
Know I?m always here for you
Even when your feeling blue
All the words I say are true
There?s nothing you could say or do
To push me away from you
I hope that you see
You?ll find someone to keep
Who will love you more than anything
And you deserve everything
So focus on yourself
You don?t need no one else
Brother no ones perfect
Your parents aren?t working
But stop blaming yourself, you are not in Hell
These problems are like shells
Hard but you?ll be well
Focus and prevail
And I'll be the hammer to your nail