Lyrics : Ginuwine Differences (Remix)

Yeah, umm yeah, remix
Since the first time that I looked at you, I knew since the first time that I looked at you
I had it all said in my position
Like an arm grapple I had you locked no submission
Can you stand the remix, this new edition
Can I put up with your bull Scottie Pippen
She love my flow, and I'm a slave to the rhythm
Its real life, not what you see on television, our story is HD quality
I let it write itself autobiography
When I first looked into your eyes, I couldn't help but visualize that we gotta be
I know the world not at peace with equality, but me and her stand still no philosophy
And that's where it stands, no apology
No other feeling could compare so its compete
Word to Ginuwine, you make my life complete, ouu

And I hope my words go through to you, and I hope my feelings gon' prove it too
Use my love as numb when your feeling blue
Girl your my blessing like I said achoo
No matter the challenge, we gon' stick it through
Keeping each other tight like superglue uh

Yeah, The Input No One Asked For

You made my life complete
You are so sweet, no one competes
Glad you came into my life
You blind me with your love
With you I have no sight
The Input No One Asked For