Lyrics : Crash

Oh, crashing me, crash
Oh, woah, yeah yeah

Tryna keep my head straight looking for the path I take
You ever get that feeling in your heart that you can't escape
Feels like I?m losing it all, I miss the better days
Baby still schooling me on love, can't wait to graduate
Hatred in peoples veins pouring like a crap lake
Seems like nothing but fakes in my new place, wanna go gang gang
Rappers doing nun but talk about the same thang, ha

Wanna take y'all back home so they can set you straight
Not tryna judge the steps you take, but it?s not hard to tell real from fake
Input no one asked for, feel like leaving it all at stake
Wanna explode but it's not worth the mess I'll make
Keeping it real that's all I had to say