Lyrics : Boy Meets World

"But It-It was good that I went through this, because it taught me that liking someone else could never ever take away from loving you. And I don't have to be afraid about what I feel for anybody else 'cause I know, it could never take away from loving you. And I always will."

Your hair
Your skin
Your walk
Your talk
You glow, I glow
You shine, We shine
For you, I ride
For you , I?d die
For you, no lies
We shine we shine
Your cheeks, I kiss
Your hugs, I miss
Your smile, so bliss
Your arms, my rinse
Our lips, they clash
Our love , gon last
My heart, beat fast
With you I?m ga**ed

Everybody loving, but I?m looking for something
Make me feel so different, with you I get this feeling
It?s something unheard of, you got me in the verge of
Pouring out emotions, you look and I can?t focus
Whoa (x97)
You got me like

I never needed to test my feelings for you, I moved away from my parents in Pittsburgh to be close to you, ever since we were little kids I felt like I belonged with you, I would've given you everything Cory."