Lyrics : FTG

All these cases got my brodie on a house arrest
Probably the reason why he's popping all them percocets
Fightin' to stay awake, I can't stop f**kin with the Adderall
Raw work, dishin', hit the guys off with no Minotaur
The situations I be spittin', this sh*t not a game
Know some mothers that lost their son and never been the same
All these medications in my blood so I can't feel the pain
District Attorney tryna put these numbers on me I can't feel the rain
Thank God I got away with all them unexpected chases
They say I'm gon' make it just stop picking up these cases
Thank God I overcame all them trial tribulations
They say I'm gon' make it just stop picking up these cases
Named shooters, It's different when you're shootin' for survival
Deadly compet**ion, give no pa**es to my rivals
When you go and do a hit you gotta take responsibility
I don't care the situation, you can't leave no liability

Grown up, we had to trap, get it the hard way
Mama always lurkin', stash the work out in the hallway
If you in the hood you gotta keep it on you always
Youngins tryna get a name and murk a n***a broad day

So I keep a .30 on me, ain't no lackin' homie
Run up in the house, adjust your action, get to clappin' homie
Pistol action look like cameras flashin', ain't no papparazzi
I don't f**k with n***as that aren't gang, consider me a nazi
Hoppin' out of foreigns now, we used to take the red line
I could put you on, just hit me back before that deadline
Heard them crackers on my a**, they want me doing fed time
Kill them when the whole hood love 'em it happens every time
It's mandatory, they let go some tears, if I shed mine
In this sh*t for clout, well I'll make sure you make the headlines
Guns blow, bodies get to droppin' once that lead flyin'
Bullets super hot, they bound to cook em, leave your mans fried
Know this sh*t is pointless, we keep fallin', who gon' stand up?
We sufferin' from hard times, and they don't understand us
Whole world just watching us crumble, but they ain't sayin' nothin'
We can't trust the police, n***as dying with they hands up
Angels watching over me, the devil on my shoulders
Ain't listen to them lectures, it sunk in when I got older
The block won't love you back, man them streets will f**k you over
Seen some cold years I swear I lost so many soldiers

I done put on for the gang
I done put on for the gang
I done put on for the gang
Spin the block for the gang
Shoot a opp for the gang
Risk it all for the gang
I really lost brothers I ain't gon' see again
And they left behind people that really needed them
Some of my n***as got elbows, the state ain't freein them
It's still beef with them n***as, see em, we leavin em