Lyrics : Play-Doh, Pt.2

You start a fight, I want a war
All of the kicking and screaming and more
You wanna hide, I'll break down the door
I’ll throw a fit till I'm sick and I'm sore
I said I might I wasn’t sure
I hope you like your new view from the floor
A pitiful sight for someone to ignore
A bountiful night for someone who's so poor

Those aren't your friends
Those people are f**ked
You show them love they don't give you enough
Off all kinds of drugs every time you pick up
It don't take bullets to prove it to us
I'm not gonna talk I'll leave it at that
Couple of weeks you'll be gone off the map
I think I’ll be on by the time that you’re back
Remind me to stack and not share what I have
If you want some space then leave it to me
I'll clear my texts till there’s nothing to read
I'll cover my tracks till there's nothing to see
Cut off my air till there's nothing to breathe
Have I made a point, we’re f**king unwell
This is what happiness looks like from hell
This is what freedom feels like in a cell
I think if we needed it I couldn't tell
Saw you last night out in NoHo
Made me wanna go home
I can't feel my face
I liked it better being careless
I hate self awareness
Nothing feels the same
You might think that this is easy
Every sentence eats me
I can't say your name
People wonder why I'm like this
I hate being like this
Picture in the frame