Lyrics : Back 4 That

Uh-huh Uh-huh
Real sh*t n***a

Yo, n***a say somethin' slick, you'll get slapped for that
n***as schemin' on some jewels, you'll get clapped for that
If y'all n***as want war, I got the mack for that
Run off with some work, and get your head cracked for that

n***a if a nickel bag sold in the park, I want in on it
The bullsh*t I'm on right now n***a, I've been on it
If I don't eat, nobody eat, cold in the street
No surrender, no retreat, my n***as rollin' with heat
Y'all know my steez, I spark trees, under palm trees
Feel a breeze, and fees, in expanded keys
Cop it straight from the bay, tap dance on the yay
Your people make a G day, you ain't rich, you just ok
I take the stand under oath and lie
Before I snitch on my clique, I'll fry
Or watch time go by
n***as want to steal slabs, and dib or dab in the pie
He who steals from the hands that feed 'em, deserve to die