Lyrics : Finer Things

Smokin' on this pack man
From Broward to Polk County
It's Lit
Aye Waters what we doin'?
Ha, Uh

Don't f**k with Dior
She went back to Gucci (Gucci)
She makin' me moan like YFN Lucci (Lucci)
A n***a with money that's covered in Louie
My b*t*h is religious she keepin' it truey
I'm smokin' on gas
They call it King Louie (Louie)
Some n***as tote tecs (Doo Doo)
My n***as tote Uzis
I hit for a hundred, I'm feeling like Uzi
This sh*t is a movie
Run up on me n***a
I'm finna take your life (I'm finna take your life)
Remember eating ramen noodles now I eat steak and rice (Now I eat steak and rice)
Benihanas cook your ass up for the right price
Pull up on you with some real goons that are not nice (Not nice)