Lyrics : The f*ck Shop [Live In Concert]

"I know a place just down there two streets
Baby, they'll ask you no questions and give you clean sheets!"

(gong noise)


Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
There's only one place where we can go
Where the price is right just to f**k a ho
It's always popular with the girls and the guys
Cause for all my money, it's the best buy
Ten dollars, two hours is the time of the stay
It's more than enough time to slay
Each room has a bed and also a sink
So you can wash your d**k after f**king the pink
But be careful of the things that you use
Cause you can get arrested for sex abuse
So as you hit the door and the panties drop
A lot of suckin' and f**kin' at the f**k Shop!

Verse 2: Brother Marquis
Please come inside, make yourself at home
I want to f**k, cause my d**k's on bone
You little whore behind closed doors
You would drink my c*m and nothing more
Now spread your wings open for the flight
Let me fill you up with something milky and white
Cause I'm hopin' to slay you, rough and painful
You innocent b*t*h, don't be shameful
Break out the ice cubes and the hot water
This is the second half, and not the second quarter
I'll f**k you 'till you sleep; you'll sleep like a baby
And in your dreams, you'll say I'm crazy
In the f**k Shop!