Lyrics : C’mon Babe [Live In Concert]

BM = Brother Marquis
FKI = Fresh Kid Ice

Intro: (sound of woman being f**ked)

Verse 1
When the party's over, we can get together
Go to my house and f**k forever
And do whatever comes to mind
Let me stick my d**k in your behind
You can pour me a glass of Dom Perignon
Then suck my d**k until I c*m
Soft is your body, tender is your kiss
C'mon, baby, we can do this!
No need to act stuck-up, pretty and seditty
Got a funky disposition and you think you're witty
You're not used to people saying things like this
It's called criticism, and not a diss
I only give compliments when they are due
Now I'm gonna tell you all the truth
You claim to be a virgin, I mean the purest
I'll be gentle, baby, cause we can do this!

Verse 2
Love is the key to end all your woes
You'll be my b*t*h, not a dirty ho
Together as one we will be
I'll be f**king you and you'll be sucking me
Then lick my ass up and down
Lick it 'till your tongue turns doo-doo brown
Don't try to be slick and give me a kiss
C'mon, baby, we can do this!
b*t*h, it's time to spend the night
Let's walk the beach in the moonlight
Holding each other like lovers do
When the pu**y's wet, I'll know what to do
Makin' love, holdin' you near
Screams and moans is all I hear
Quick is your tongue, soft is your lips
Suck it, b*t*h, cause you can do this!