Lyrics : Pandemic

When I'm gone (Statik Selektah) you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone (Quarantine) you will remember, uh

Livin' in scary times, prepared to die
The news feedin' us fear, every channel is lies
Mask on your face with your hands sanitized
Stores low on supplies, better open your eyes
Silent cries from the rich, now they victimized
Not a big surprise, hope you b*t*hes fry
Let's not forget this whole nation was colonized
Givin' diseases, rape, pillagin', skinned alive
Do you believe everything about 9/11? (Do you believe?)
Do you really believe Trump really won the election? (Do you believe?)
Do you believe Bush really won the election? (Do you believe?)
Do you believe— let me stop, but you get the message
How can you trust a system that isn't for you?
The same system that wouldn't even give you a morsel
If you was starvin', you tell 'em you're sick they ignore you
And you won't be seein' a doctor unless you can afford to
They sell you the panic then they sell you the pill
They give you the cancer then they tell you you're ill
They sell you the cigarettes and the alcohol
And processed food and they profit off it all
GMOs alterin' our kids hormones
Little girls lookin' like they ready for the pole
It's clandestine while you an' your fam stressin'
The one percent sittin' at the top playin' chess
Prodigy tried to warn us, Pun was tryna warn us (Yup)
A new world order is upon us (Yup)
Police vest with cameras to record us (Yup)
Street lights with cameras to record us (Yup)
Smart phones with cameras to record us
Every where you go there's cameras to record us
Where can you go when your life is like the Truman Show?
Nine to five slavery, like, stay in your cubicle
No more finger printin' hands, now it's retina scans
Symbolism with hands and satanic messages
Election plots and budget cuts, they run 'em up
Five hundred million spent on just the runner up
Just tryna give you some jewels so you can see the light
'Cause some of y'all actin' like you can't read or write
You only got one life, though, so treat it right
Just keep your energy good and you gon' be alright