Paroles : 15 Styles of Rapping! [2020]

I mix my highs with my lows (Yeah!), they can't handle my flows, your b*t*h say I'm incredible (Woah!)
Yeah, I'm her number one, I got her kitty, she looking real pretty (Yeah!), I gave (Yeah!) her my tentacle (Yeah!)
Got two Bugattis, drive them 'round the city, can't tell 'em apart, why I make 'em identical?
They know Lil Uzi playin' with their hearts (Yeah!), if my name on the charts (Yeah!), they all say that's a spectacle, woah
(Dee B. got that heat) And I know your b*t*h is flexible (Yeah!), legs (Yeah!) around (Yeah!) me like Mrs. Incredible (Woah!)
I'ma die for my b*t*h, she gon' ride for (Yeah!) the d**k (Yeah!), lemme see how you fit in my schedule (Yeah!)
Baby Pluto, I'm so unprofessional
Check my bank (What?) account, I got these zeros (Woah), all commas (Woah), I ain't (Woah) got no room for no decimals


When I'm with the mandem, sh*t could get peak, better watch out the window
Everything man do, we raising the bar, got these yutes playing limbo
Got more chune for a wasteman, I been what's poppin' like Jimbo
Pengtings in the limo, packs of the loud, pagans tryna tip toe
I'm with my mates drinking tea with milk, but I added in the honey
Got more dollars than pounds, but your ting weighs more than my money