Letra : 50 Bars

Blicky wit a drum and if you talk, I bang that lamma
Momm told me, uh,?it?smell like marijuana
I?don't need no motha-mothaf**kin' baby momma
Runnin'?wit the gang, and we tryna chase these commas

I be on some psychic sh*t, I feel like Playboi Carti
My b*t*h bad like Cardi, sip lean like Bacardi
Pop my sh*t like popcorn, pop out atcho party
Let that choppa take you down, like his name Matt Hardy

Bust it, yeah I shoot that sh*t, I'm shootin' like a movie
I'll find you like Scooby Doo while smokin' onna doobie
I feel like a plumber, way I keep that f**kin' toolie
Lil Uzi with the Uzi, Lil Mosey with the boofy - [?]