Letra : 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade) - 2nd generation

Said it was 96 degrees in the shade
Ten thousand soldiers on parade
Taking I and I to meet a big fat boy
Sent from overseas
The queen employ
Excellency before you I come
With my representation
You know where I'm coming from

You caught me on the loose
Fighting to be free
Now you show me a noose
On the cotton tree
Entertainment for you
Martyrdom for me

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade

My heart is beating quickly
My skin is dark and sticky
Your shade shows me no mercy
Real hot and thrust, I'm thirsty
My shoes can hardly fit me
My clothes is slim and filthy
My body bruised and sweaty
My stomach's always empty
Rest my soul from all your lashes
Quarters from all, two ashes
My flesh incarcerated
My conscience free from shackles
My face is on your money
My name is Paul Bogle
Today I'm just a prisoner
One day, I'll be a hero

Some may suffer and some may burn
But i know that one day my people will learn
As sure as the sun shines, way up in the sky
Today i stand here a victim, the truth is I'll never die

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade