Letra : Monte Carlo and Gold Chains

Yeah, yeah
That's what we doin', haha
You know I pull up in [?], fuck Ford, correct

I'm back outside, Monte Carlo and Gold Chains
My [?] show the whole thing
Got the advantage like a home game
I pull up on her with the whole gang
You know them pretty girl clicks
Talk a little ratchet, only city girl shit (Period)
Mix the Jordans with the Dior, some dressed down shit
They was from the East Coast, but on some West Side shit
Well baby girl, meet the Midwest in the flesh
I ain't from here either, but I rest in the West
I like to play the hills or the valley, relieve stress
Gelato or the [?], don't matter, I sting the best
So whatchu wanna do, boo?
We can hit Beverly berries in Malibu, Nobu (Shit)
It's whatever for you
You got [?], I ain't sutterin' for you
Shit, I figure we pass time while we on our grind
And we both out of town, we got nothing but time
Might as well spend it together, just you and I
Ride around in a [?] and bump, you and I (*Bark*)
I know my talk kinda [?], that's just the Midwest
And I ain't tryna flex, I'm tryna impress
I had other plans too
I just hope my plans change with you