Letra : Billa



Rich Dunk N***a What the f**k



(Run that sh*t back Kai)

(Verse 1)
I was just 16 robin??then?mexicans
They locked me,but?i got out on house arrest
Yeah?im independent, no I did not ask for that
If you goin help go head and be done with that
Pa** me the ball, im bout to score with that, b*t*h
Im a dog, you already knew that sh*t, can't f**k wit
Ya?ll, y?all got then new (???), hold to the truth, that
Sh*t almost killed the b*t*h, reaper so stank, it smell
Like a pile a sh*t, I was just up, fell to the bottom b*t*h, thats how the street is, just gotta rock wit it, i keep an iron even tho i got caught wit it, they locked my manager up, they ain't stoppin sh*t, i grab a pound, everything profited, i do not front nothin, if you shop wit me, these n***a creepin, these n***as watchin me, but i ain't trippin always got the Glock on me, can't forget 30 thats (???) shots wit it,better get nervous, i start to fire homie, better shoot back, you bought to die homie, i ain't no blood, i ain't no crip homie, i rock by myself, im just a big homie, pa** me the tissue, im bout to sh*t on him, pa** me the scale, im the one puttin weight on it, im hot as hell come and just wait on it, we not goin argue, no we dont debate on it, i gave him ten, lil bit a shake on it, dub wit a bag so it add some more weight on it, call back, we got the spread homie, i only sneak these lil n***as cuz they play homie, these n***as fake, these b*t*hes too phony, i dont f**k wit em, so get the f**k way homie, keep makin faces, ill break ya face homie, no 1 on 1?s, if he hit you i jump on you, Rich goin be bad for him, we goin stomp on him, move out the way baby girl, get away from him, I am persistent, i gotta stay on it, I got to eat, i got the steak homie, bon appitet, i need a plate homie, just like a sheet and ima lay on him, wait for him to come and ima jump straight on him, im from the hood, you never been homie, you can not go homie that how it go homie b*t*h!

Yeahh hahaha

(Aye Rich Dunk man)

(Shout out my n***a Kai man)

(Run that sh*t back Kai)

F**k a** N***a