Letra : Wait for Me (”Hey, the big artiste...”) [Intro]

Mr. Hermes!

Hey, the big artiste!
Ain't you working on your masterpiece?

Where's Eurydice?

Brother, what do you care?
You'll find another muse somewhere

Where is she?

Why you wanna know?

Wherever she is, is where I'll go

And what if I said she's down below?
Down below?

Down below
Six-feet-under-the-ground below
She called your name before she went
But I guess you weren't listening


Just how far would you go for her?

To the end of time
To the end of the earth

You got a ticket?

Yeah, I didn't think so
Course there is another way
But nah, I ain't supposed to say

Another way?

Around the back
But that ain't easy walkin', Jack
It ain't for the sensitive of soul
So do you really wanna go?

With all my heart

With all your heart?
Well, that's a start