Tracklist "When God Was Great":

1 Decide
2 M O V E
3 I Don’t Believe in Anything
4 Certain Things
5 Bruised
6 Lonely Boy
7 The Killing of Georgie (Part III)
8 You Had to Be There
9 When God Was Great
10 What It Takes
11 Long as I Can See the Light
12 The Truth Hurts
13 It Went Well
14 I Don’t Want to Be You
15 The Final Parade (Ft. Angelo Moore, Brie McWane, Chris DeMakes, Christian Jacobs, Dan Vitale, David McWane, Erin Mackenzie, Felipe Galvan, Freddy Cricien, Fumio Ito, Glen Marhevka, Heather Augustyn, The Interrupters, Jake Burns, Jay Navarro, Jesse Wagner, Jet Baker, Jimmy G, John Feldmann, Jon Pebsworth, Laila Khan, Peter Parker, Pete Wasilewski, Robert Hingley, Roddy Radiation, Roger Lima, Rusty Pistachio, Sirae Richardson, Steve Jackson (2), Tim Armstrong & Toby Morse)

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