Tracklist "Patience (Deluxe)":

1 Patience
2 I Love You Because It's True
3 You Are Not Who I Thought I Was
4 There Is No Certain Thing
5 Are We Alone Now
6 That's All There Is
7 Put The Camera Down
8 Why Would I Let You Go
9 I Can’t See Myself Without You
10 Don’t Waste Your Time
11 Why Did I Write The Book Of Love
12 My Love Is Hard To Explain
13 I Could Not Love You Enough
14 You Are Not Who I Though I Was (Live Version) (Ft. Norwegian Radio Orchestra)
15 Why Would I Let You Go (Live Version) (Ft. Norwegian Radio Orchestra)
16 On The Night That We Called It A Day
17 Foreign Heart (Ft. Delicate Steve)
18 Slip Into Character (Original Version)

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