Tracklist "Cold Waters":

1 Cold Waters Intro
2 Kingdom Come (Ft. Thokozile)
3 Changes
4 You Don't Know Me (Ft. Linden Mark, RAS (SA) & Zaddy Swag)
5 Idols to Idols (Ft. Zubz)
6 Y.O.U (Your Only Us) (Ft. Jay Claude)
7 Don't Believe Her (Ft. Khumo Leff)
8 Stripes & Swords (Ft. Big Zulu & Kid X (SA))
9 Black Waters
10 Saints & Sinners/Yungwave Interlude
11 Long Way
12 More Water for the Daughters (Ft. Khumo Leff)
13 We Found Love (Ft. Powerof2)
14 Still Waters
15 Get Mine (Ft. Fuego Phoenix)
16 Dear God
17 Stage Fright (Ft. Nomonde Sky)

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