Tracklist "Ashes to Ashes 004 (DJ Mix)":

1 Where Will We Go
2 Take You Down (Nurko Remix)
3 All for You (blanke Remix) (Ft. Kiesza)
4 Count on (Ft. Colin)
5 Gorgeous (MEMBA Remix)
6 Gorgeous vs. All Together (Ft. Bipolar Sunshine & OEKIIN)
7 Hold On
8 Let Me Go (Ft. Daisy Guttridge)
9 Blood (Drezo Remix)
10 Wasteland
11 Tomorrow (Ft. Holly Drummond & Matt Van)
12 Rush Over Me (Ft. HALIENE)
13 Disintegrate
14 The Darkest Night
15 Fortress (Just a Gent Remix) (Ft. Joni Fatora)
16 Margarita
17 Bad Wings
18 Nightlight
19 Good Things Fall Apart vs. Sad Songs (Ft. Annika Wells)

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