Tracklist "I Heart They Kill Live":

1 Thank God It's Friday
2 The Jig Is Up (Ft. Randy Strohmeyer)
4 The Nature of the Beast
5 The World in My Hands (Ft. Tony Lovato)
6 Communion of the Cursed
7 A Grave Mistake
8 Your Number's Up (Ft. Sarah J. Bartholomew)
9 Rocking the Boat (Ft. Jeremy Schwartz)
10 Merry Axe-Mas
11 Thriller
12 Hell in the Hallways
13 Stabbing in the Dark
14 The Fastest Way to a Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
15 Love Bites (Ft. Chelsea Talmadge)
16 Tess-Timony
17 Me, Myself & Hyde
18 The American Nightmare
19 IT Is the End (Ft. Buddy Schaub, JR Wasilewski & William Salazar)

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